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We help residential, commercial, industrial, farm and marine clients across the nation settle a claim for the amount they truly deserve to recover what was lost. This could be from a natural disaster, home fire, water damage, vandalism, theft or another type of accident covered by your insurance policy. 

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We’re glad you asked. Our initial consultation is free. If we decide your case is a good fit for our team, we only get paid if we win your case.

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Case Study

Hendersonville Faulty Plumbing

A gentleman in Hendersonville, TN had a faulty plumbing install on a home that was just 3 years old. The master bath on the 2nd floor leaked, causing severe damage to his bath finishes and the downstairs living room. Both areas of the home needed immediate repair and remodeling. His insurance company originally offered him $16,000 as his claim but our team helped the couple increase his claim to $67,000.

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  • Insurance Company’s Original Payout Offer 23% 23%
  • Recoupment by WellSpring PA 100% 100%


Increase from insurance company's original offer

About our team

WellSpring is proudly veteran owned and a team of highly qualified and experienced public adjusters. Each team member has a wide range of experience helping clients in the United States recover their rightful claims from insurance companies.

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