How Wellspring Helps You

Peace of Mind

With Wellspring on your side, you gain peace of mind knowing we can help get you back to your lives, family, and business quickly.

Did you Know

Using a public claims adjuster increases claim payouts by over 700%?  It’s true and documented in government studies.

You’ve paid your insurance company for years, so now that it’s their turn to take care of you, don’t settle for less than what is fair. As your advocate, we won’t let you be taken.

Whether your claim has already been filed, needs to be filed, or has been closed with an unsatisfactory payout; we can represent you at any point in the process, even if your claim has been denied.

It is true that there are advantages to hiring a Wellspring Public Adjuster at the start of the process, but whether you found us before you made a claim or after you made a claim, how hard we fight for you is the same. That’s our promise. You have our word.

We File It. We Fight It. We Finish It.


Wellspring is here for you the entire way.

  • U

    We Inspect Your Property

  • We Evaluate Your Policy Coverages

  • l

    We Document Your Property Damage

  • We Assess and Set Value For Your Loss

  • We File Your Claim

  • w

    We Negotiate Your Claim

  • We Fight Your Claim

  • We Settle Your Claim

  • You Get Paid

Low Risk Guarantee: We don’t get paid unless you get paid.


We Work for YOU

Taking on the entire claims process for you, it is our purpose to negotiate with your insurance company for a higher and more appropriate payout. We are state licensed and regulated professional Insurance Adjusters that work for YOU, not the Insurance Company.

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