WellSpring’s Property Protection Program (PPP)

Peace of Mind

Because the question isn’t IF you’ll ever have to make a claim on your homeowners insurance…but WHEN? We offer peace of mind with the affordable Wellspring Property Protection Program.

Did you Know

For only $17 per month, you’ll be protected for the WHEN, with many benefits, financial, personal, and legal.

Your Benefits as a PPP Member


Wellspring PPP Members have zero out-of-pocket expenses on any claims


Wellspring PPP Members are our highest priority, so we work tirelessly for you to meet or surpass your claim’s burden of proof.


Having us in the process from the beginning increases potential claim recovery for you.


Wellspring handles your entire claim from start to finish.


We’ll file your claim.


We’ll fight the insurance companies to get you the fair and deserved settlement


We’ll finish it, by crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s until your claim is processed, paid, and completed.


We’ll document all damages sustained by your building and contents


We’ll maximize your claim recovery. We have a proven record of increasing claims by more than 90%.


The Wellspring PPP takes the worry out of WHAT IF, resulting in lower stress.

Why Become A PPP Member

We're on Your Side

For less than some spend on coffee or fast food in a month, you’re able to have the assurance of the Wellspring Public Adjuster Team on your side.

We'll take care of business

You can simply focus on your life, family and your work, while Wellspring takes care of business.

We'll Save You from Losing Thousands

Just .55 cents per day can save you from losing thousands when trouble happens to your home.

Choose Your Plan

Homeowners Insurance is a catch 22. Just to purchase your home, you need to have insurance to prove that you have protected your home. But who’s going to protect you from your Insurance company in those times when you need them most? We are. We’re Wellspring PA and keeping insurance companies accountable is what we do.

.55 cents a day, less than $4.00 per week or only $17.00 per month ($190.00 per year)

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